Census 2010

2010 Census

2010 Census

United States
Census 2010

The Census Bureau is looking for people for a Committee.  They need Johnson County residents interested in Awareness and Education for the 2010 Census.  The Sub Categories for the committees are as follows:  Hispanic, Church, Government, School, Business, Community Organizations, and Non-Profit. 

If you are interested or want information please contact Risa Kight at 478-864-3388, or by email at rkight@johnsonco.org

It is important to get a complete count for the Census for Johnson County.  The federal government allocates money to Johnson County based on census data.  The data is also used for grant writing purposes and for determining the need for additional social services and funding.  In order to generate jobs and impact your voice in Congress, an accurate census is needed.

For more information go to www.census.gov/2010census

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