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Best Place To Buy Anabolic Steroids OnlineIt symbolizes speed and flexibility rather than brute force! ”

Steve Reeves, George Eifferman buy anabolic steroids, Armand Tunney, Bob McCan (McCun) are truly beautiful people of the late 40s of the last century. They certainly did not hear about steroids, let alone use them. They ate simple healthy food, and the main secret of their achievements was hard and hard training. Parade of freaks

Do you know what synthol is?

Talk about creating synthol usually start with the mention of esiclen. This drug, which gained immense popularity back in the 80s of the 20th century, has extremely low anabolic activity, but with levitra generic where to buy intramuscular injections it causes a strong inflammatory reaction, resulting in edema and, accordingly, a short-term (about 24 hours) increase in muscle volume.

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These properties and led to the widespread use of esiklen competing bodybuilders. Together with a drug that increases the size of the veins, it allows one to achieve a special relief “pattern” of muscles characteristic of pros (and one should anabolic steroids for joint pain not think that they achieve this buy steroids online with paypal only by training and diet).

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This prompted the German amateur chemist Chris Clark to the idea that it would be nice to create a similar long-acting drug. Obtained in the early anabolic steroids online 90s of the XX century, he called the composition “Synthol” (Synthol) – like the name of one of the most powerful technologies of nuclear fusion. However, this name turned out to be already patented, so a new one was invented – “Pump’N’Pose” (swing and pose). Under this brand the drug is now sold worldwide.

Clark found a truly gold mine (for himself, of course), because he provided an opportunity for thousands of people who are ready to go for anabolic steroids trenbolone everything, for the sake of the masses, a virtually trouble-free method that neither amateurs best place to buy anabolic steroids online nor professionals do not disdain. Yes, synthol is banned for use for its “direct purpose” by all federations and bodybuilding committees, condemned by bodybuilders, but sold … as oil for posing!

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From now on, gaining outstanding muscle volume with synthol is a common thing. Prick him not only in the biceps and triceps, but also in the calf, quadriceps, deltoid and pectoral muscles. Of course, one cannot say that all owners of synthol muscles are weak – many of these guys participate in armwrestling and tugging of multi-ton trucks. But, nevertheless, to call them athletes somehow the language does not turn. These guys and their, alas, very numerous fans clearly see an abnormal craving for gigantism.

85% of Synthol consists of C8 fatty acids (MCT – Medium Chain Triglycerides – triglycerides with an average buy cialis online with paypal chain length), a certain amount of C10 and C12 fatty acids, 7.5% lidocaine (local anesthetic), 7.5% benzyl of alcohol. In simple terms, this oil (fat) with a certain amount of painkillers. The drug is injected deep into the muscle, where it is deposited between the bundles of muscle fibers. With repeated injections, the volume of oil in the muscle increases, increasing its size, just as a balloon is stretched when filled with air. About 30% of the drug is metabolized (broken down) by the body. The remaining 70% remain in the muscles buy anabolic steroids online, where they persist for more than 3–5 years and undergo very slow decay. There are a lot of disputes regarding the duration of synthol action, but most of them boil down to the fact that synthol is delayed in the muscles for a much longer period than was stated – at least 8 years.

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Injections are made with a thin needle to a depth of one quarter of an inch. During the first 20 days, 1 ml daily. Another how to get jacked without steroids 10 days – 2 ml. Then 3 ml daily, until the muscle will increase its volume. When volume growth stops, for 30 days, 1 ml daily. Another 30 days – 1 ml twice a day. Then 1 ml per best steroids for size and definition week for 1 month. Only after completing such a course, the increase in muscle volume becomes constant, and the muscle does not decrease. After 4 months, the course should be repeated again: it may be possible to achieve a new volume addition (although the chances are not that high, about 50 to 50). Thus, at least 275 ml, or at least 250 injections in one muscle!

Although Clark argues that synthol is absolutely safe, nevertheless, he declined all responsibility for possible consequences for the best place to buy anabolic steroids body when used for other purposes than oil for posing.

Any injection, even if properly performed, is potentially dangerous to the body. Practically no one except doctors (and not all doctors) knows the topographic anatomy of the vessels and nerves. Especially when it comes to small muscle groups. With intramuscular injection, it is fairly easy to damage a nerve, causing paresis (sensitivity disorder) or paralysis of the innervated area.

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Getting a needle into a blood vessel (especially a vein) is much steroids online more dangerous from the buy steroids from russia point of view of the development of fatty embolism of the heart, lung, brain, which very often leads to death.

Much more often, postinjection infection and the development of abscesses (limited purulent inflammation) and phlegmon (diffuse purulent inflammation) occur, requiring surgical treatment.

In addition, the components of the drug directly stimulate the inflammatory response in the muscle, and significant amounts of fatty acids, which are deposited between muscle bundles for a long time, cause ischemia, atrophy and sclerosis of muscle tissue.

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