John Price, Code Enforcement Officer 478-484-8978

Waste Sites and Addresses:

Convenience Center 7060 GA Hwy 15 South
Bill Oliver Site 234 Bill Oliver Road
Donovan Site 29 Pringle Road
Scott Site 82 Archer/Smith Pond Rd-Adrian
Kite Site 1367 Bobby Fortner Rd-Kite
Meeks Site 10 Sardis Church Rd-Kite

The Johnson County Board of Commissioners requests that everyone in the county please prominently display their new 911 addresses. This will insure that, if needed, emergency management and law enforcement agencies will have no problem locating your home.

Contact Information
John Price
Code Enforcement Officer 478-484-8978-cell

The large and growing volume of stray and unrestrained animals throughout Johnson County has become a nuisance to residents and to County property.
Please refer to the County Code Ordinance if you have any questions or concerns.

Sec. 14-52. – Owner responsibility.
All dogs and cats shall be kept under restraint.
Every dangerous dog or cat, as determined by the sheriff of the county or other designated authority shall be confined by its owner within a building or secure enclosure and shall be securely muzzled or caged whenever off the premises of its owner.
No dog or cat shall be allowed to cause a nuisance. The owner of every dog or cat shall be held responsible for every behavior of such dog or cat under the provisions of this chapter.
Dog and cat owners shall ensure that their dog or cat carries identification at all times in the form of microchip, tag, or other means to allow easy determination of the owners.
Livestock guarding dogs shall be exempt from nuisance regulations when performing duties protecting livestock on premises owned or controlled by the owner.
(Ord. of 10-9-2006)


From the Johnson County Code of Ordinances:

Sec. 22-173. – Purpose.
The purpose of this article is to improve the Johnson County E-911/Emergency Communication System and to provide for a uniform county-wide address system with respect to street or house numbers assigned to all residences and principal buildings and businesses within the county. This will assist fire and rescue companies/agencies, law enforcement agencies, the United States Postal Service, parcel delivery companies, utility companies, tax appraisal, public works, planning and the general public in the timely and efficient provision of services to residents and businesses in Johnson County, Georgia.
(Ord. of 11-14-2011(2), § 3)
Sec. 22-174. – Display required.
Every location furnished with a 911 address outside of any incorporated area must display that address so that it is visible from the public roadway. Mobile home parks and apartment complexes, including duplex dwelling structures, shall also be required to have each individual pad, lot number, or apartment number displayed in a readily visible manner and in compliance with the requirements of this article. Such lot, pad, or apartment numbers shall be in sequence unless directional signs are provided for numbers not in sequence.
(Ord. of 11-14-2011(2), § 4)
Sec. 22-175. – Method of display.
Assigned 911 address numbers may be fixed to the house, apartment, business, or other location provided that such house, apartment, business, or other location is not more than 40 feet from the center line of the roadway or the road or street in front of such location, and the number must be readily visible from the street or road by persons traveling along the street or road in each direction. 911 address numbers may also be placed on mailboxes or signs located on the premises in front of the location, as long as the mailboxes or signs are on the same side of the road as the house, apartment, business, or other building or location. If the addresses or numbers are displayed on signs, such signs must be of a durable type and must be located not more than ten feet from the center line of the street or road in front of the property. The numbers on such signs shall be readily visible from the street by persons traveling along the street in each direction. If on mailboxes, the address must be located within ten feet of the access from the public road and shall be displayed on both sides of the mailbox.
If the house, business, apartment, or other building or location to be numbered is more than 40 feet from the centerline of the street or roadway in front of the property, or for any reason a street address number affixed to the location would not be readily visible from the street or roadway by persons traveling along the street or roadway in each direction, then the 911 address numbers shall be displayed on a sign or mailbox in the premises next to the public roadway in front of the structure, and complying with the requirements of this section.
(Ord. of 11-14-2011(2), § 5)
Sec. 22-176. – Size and condition of addresses.
Assigned 911 addressed numbers and/or characters shall be a minimum of three inches in height and one and one-half inches in width. Address numbers and characters for businesses shall be a minimum of four inches in height and two inches in width. All numbers or characters shall be reflective on a contrasting background so as to be clearly visible. It is recommended to use white reflective numbers and/or characters on a green or blue background.
(Ord. of 11-14-2011(2), § 6)
Sec. 22-177. – Proper maintenance.
It shall be the responsibility of each property owner to properly maintain their 911 address sign. Tall grass or bushes are to be kept cut and/or trimmed so as not to obstruct the signs. Also, any faded or missing characters and/or numbers shall be replaced so that the location may be located easily and at all times by emergency personnel.
(Ord. of 11-14-2011(2), § 7)
Sec. 22-178. – Duty of owner; notification; and enforcement.
The obligation of complying with the provisions of this article shall be upon the owner of the property. Failure to comply shall constitute a violation of this article. Upon such violation, notice shall be given to the owner of the property, or his agent, by mailing to his last known address of record, specifying the nature of such violation and requiring that such violation be remedied and brought into compliance within ten days after receipt of such notice. Notification shall be made by the designated code enforcement officer and/or the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.
Any property owner who does not comply with this article shall be in violation of this article and said violation shall result in a penalty of not more than $1,000.00 plus the cost of enforcement and prosecution. Said prosecution will be pursued through the Magistrate Court of Johnson County, Georgia. The designated code enforcement officer and/or the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office shall be responsible for enforcement of this provision. Warnings shall be issued for the first violation during the one year period following adoption of this article. Penalties shall be imposed for any violation following a warning or any violation occurring in the second or subsequent years.
It shall be unlawful for any person to remove, damage, alter, or deface any posted 911 Address Sign in Johnson County. Violators shall be subject to prosecution. Upon conviction, the violator will be liable for a fine not to exceed $1,000.00 plus the cost of enforcement and prosecution. Said prosecution shall be pursued through the Magistrate Court of Johnson County.
(Ord. of 11-14-2011(2), § 8)

Johnson County Mobile Home Relocation Check List

• Mark (FLAG) the driveway into your lot. For rural lots, it is highly recommended that the county road department approve the driveway location. You may also make arrangements to have the road department install the driveway pipe, so long as the driveway is to be used for residential vehicles only. The County does not install driveway pipes to accommodate large trucks or commercial vehicles. The Road Department may be reached at 864-4434.
• Apply for a 911 address if you do not already have one. You will need to contact the Tax Assessors office (864-3325 ext. 2) for a 911 address application.
• Contact Johnson County Health Department (864-3542) to obtain:
• Approval of lot size
• A percolation test on the lot
• Approval of water and septic system
• Upon approval of the lot, visit the Tax Assessors Office to obtain your relocation permit
You must bring with you:
• Copies of the Septic Tank Permit and site approval form signed by the Health Department
• Copies of a Title or Bill of Sale
• A receipt where taxes have been paid. (Showing the Tax Commissioners office of the county where the mobile home is coming from. If purchased from a dealer, the dealer is required to give you a completed copy of Form PT-41.)
• The name, address and phone number of the transporter for the mobile home.
• The relocation permit you receive from the Tax Assessors Office is to be displayed on the exterior of the home during transportation and shall remain until replaced by the location permit (DECAL) which you will receive at the time you pay property taxes.
• Please inquire as to your eligibility for Homestead Exemption.