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Best Free Sports Apps For AndroidFor water purification, coagulation of water using aluminum sulphate and the simplest filters are used.

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For disinfection of water in the field most often used by boiling or chlorinating water. During boiling for 5-10 minutes almost all microbes die. However, using this method you can not get a lot of water. In addition, after secondary contamination, microbes multiply rapidly in warm water. Questions for self-control

1. The hygienic value of drinking water.

2. What are the requirements for the quality of drinking water?

3. What indicators best supplement stack for strength gains characterize the organoleptic properties of water?

4. What is coli titer?

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5. What is the reason for water hardness?

6. How is the cleaning and disinfection of water?

Basics of sports facilities hygiene

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Sports facilities must comply with certain sanitary and hygienic provisions that are contained in the sports and technical requirements specified in the following basic sports apps documents:

– “Building codes and regulations, part 2, 76. Sports facilities, design standards (SNiP 11–76–78)”;

– “Sanitary rules for the organization and maintenance of physical education and sports classes, approved by the Deputy Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the USSR 30. 12. 1976.”

After putting the sports facilities into operation, workers at the sanitary-epidemiological stations and medical and sports dispensaries, as well as specialists in physical culture and sports, should systematically carry out current sanitary supervision. Comments and suggestions from representatives of sanitary inspection are recorded in the best sports betting apps for iphone sanitary journal, which should be in all sports facilities. In addition, each sports facility must have internal rules agreed with the sanitary-epidemiological station. Responsibility for compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards of maintenance and operation of sports facilities is the administration of this facility. In case of violation of sanitary and hygienic rules, the administration is prosecuted.

Important hygienic importance is the proper placement of sports facilities, contributing to the improvement of conditions for practicing physical exercises best steroid for lean muscle and fat loss and sports, enhancing their health effects. The network of physical culture and sports facilities is projected as an element of the system of cultural and community services for the population of the city and urban-type settlements in accordance with their planning structure.

When planning the placement of sports facilities should be taken into account data “wind rose”. Sports facilities should be located in areas with small slopes, on the southern free starter pack viagra, levitra and cialis for those suitable. slopes, protected from prevailing winds, and, if possible, in places with a sufficient degree of landscaping: near a natural green area (forest, park, square, garden) or open reservoir (river, lakes pond). These factors greatly improve microclimatic conditions.

The groundwater level should be no less than 0.7 m below the planned surface of outdoor sports facilities, and during the construction of the pool, below the lowest part of the pool structure. Along the perimeter of the site of sports facilities are provided wind and dust strips of trees and shrubs with different heights of width not less than 10 m.

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4. 1. Hygienic requirements for indoor sports facilities Hygienic requirements for indoor sports facilities are considered on the example of the most common facilities – sports halls.

Sports halls can be placed in special buildings or be part of public buildings (educational institutions, clubs, etc.). Weightlifting rooms should be located on the ground floor. Scaffolds in them are installed on the ground free sports, not linking them with the main structures of the building.

The premises in the building must be interconnected in such a way as to ensure the movement of the occupants in the following sequence: lobby with dressing-room outerwear – dressing rooms for men and women (with showers and toilets) – gymnasium.

Such placement eliminates oncoming traffic of dressed and naked athletes. The spectators are provided with seats, special aisles, a canteen, a lobby and other rooms isolated from the premises for athletes.

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There are certain standards for the size of gymnasiums, ensuring the most effective best fat loss pills for men implementation of the training process, as well as maintaining the required level of physico-chemical state of the air environment. The one-time capacity of the hall is determined on the basis of the calculation of the area in square meters per one student. The sizes of the sports halls and the area per student are specified in SNiP 11–76–78.

Important hygienic importance is the interior decoration. The walls should be smooth, without protrusions and moldings, resistant to hitting the ball and allowing for wet cleaning. Central heating radiators are placed in the niches under the windows and covered with protective grills. Doors should not have protruding trim.

When painting walls, the degree of light reflection and the effect of color on psycho-physiological functions should be taken when to take levitra for best results into account: the green color calms and has a positive effect on the organ of vision; orange and yellow invigorate and cause a feeling of warmth; red color is exciting; blue and purple are depressing. When using oil paint it is not recommended to cover the walls and ceiling with it completely, as this prevents natural ventilation.

The floor should be smooth, without gouges and protrusions, non-slip, resilient, warm and easy to wash.

Of particular hygienic importance is the creation in the halls of optimal microclimatic conditions.

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